Thursday, October 30, 2014

Exercising to lose weight

You need to understand that exercising is essential to losing weight. There really is no way around it.  No matter how good of a diet you're on, it is still recommended to be active and get that heart pumping.  Building muscle will get rid of fat and I'm not asking you to be so ripped that you can grate cheese on your abs, unless that's what you want then cool!  What I'm saying is to get toned, get your physical side to match your already incredible dieting choices. 

Gaining muscle will replace the fat and as long as you exercise regularly, your muscle will never deflate.  When you build new muscle, it will also create muscle memory.  So even if you stopped exercising for a while, hopefully not for too long, your body will remember you had that muscle so it will be easier for you to regain it.  But you really shouldn't go about it like that, you should exercise regularly and break a sweat so you can break the fat!  In half!  Kaplaow!!! 

Have no friends to work out with?  That's fine.  This is why the internet can be awesome because you can find endless amounts of fitness trainers and mentors on sites like YouTube.  YouTube has an immense number of workout videos with highly motivated trainers that do exercises in their videos so that you can do it with them.  And it's free!  

There are plenty of ways to exercise.  The problem, is the motivation you need to get you started and stay consistent.  It is always helpful to do workouts with family or friends, it will encourage you to do more than you would if you exercised on your own.  Because when you exercise alone, you tend to cheat yourself.  You don't do as much reps or sets as you would with a workout partner.  You'll just be like f*** it, i'll do it tomorrow.  

Working out with friends is a fun and faster way to lose weight. 

Tony Horton from P90X3 and Rebecca from XHIT are awesome motivators in my opinion. Why? Because both are not only motivating but very funny as well.  Here are some videos from them below. 

Listen, if you're the lazy type and don't see yourself following any of the suggestions mentioned above then why are you here?  Leave now, please.  Are you offended?  Please don't be.  I am simply reaching out to those that are ready, that are ready to change their lives and breach out of that comfort zone that everybody falls into at some point in their lives. 

You have to really want this, you have to truly believe you can do this and dedicate your time to making it happen.  We all have certain habits, like watching our favorite shows, hanging out with friends, drinking and playing games.  You sincerely have to cut some of those habits down to make time for yourself to getting that healthy lifestyle you know you need.  It will only make your life better in the long run, so speaking of long run, get started and go for a long run!

Learn 4 simple exercises to lose fat here -

Let's get healthy arleady!

You're probably thinking to lose weight or have been thinking for a long time.  Well there couldn't be a more better time than to lose weight and stay healthy.  It is key to longevity and just having an overall happy lifestyle that you deserve.  This is something that you have to stop procrastinating on and finally decide to dedicate yourself to making you look and feel the way you've always wanted to.

Not to say that you look absolutely horrible or whatever, it truly is the inside that counts.  But if you are doing it for yourself then great!  But don't do it because you feel that someone is talking behind your back about how fat you are and the jokes you think they are making about you.  Chances are they're not thinking any of that at all.

But if there are people that are actually making fun of overweight people, why even bother letting them get to you?

Those people are short-lived anyway and have nothing else better to do than hide their own misery and make fun of other people. They're the ones that are fat and ugly, you are not.

You have to start by improving on your healthy eating choices.  Obviously natural foods are key to your success.  Consuming veggies and fruits are always a good thing. Anything from the ground naturally is good for you.  Anything from the ground that is sent to the processing stage, not so much. So try your best to stay away from processed foods.  McDonald's?  Forget about it!  Yes, it's cheap as hell but it's not worth your health ladies and gentlemen, nothing is!  It sucks that whole food markets are more expensive than a typical grocery store, it simply makes no sense that healthy foods are more expensive than processed foods.  I know it's a business/money thing, but that's a whole different category on its own.

There are so many sites online that list natural healthy foods for you to take a gander at.  The brighter the fruit or veggie the better.  The worse it tastes, the better.  Adding sauces and seasoning only cuts down the nutrients, so don't do that.  Think of it as putting something special into your body, like it's going to give you powers or something like that because it kind of is.  It's giving you the organic earthly foods that we were meant to consume.

When you start eating healthy, you're going to feel healthy and your way of thinking is going to change for the good.  Your energy level is going to peak to the point where you'll  have more time to do things that you couldn't.  What's great about it too is that people will notice the difference you've made in your life and that will only inspire them to do the same.  

We must stay focused and spread the word to people to eat healthy and exercise often.  In my opinion, there isn't enough of that going on to see a difference in the world.  You have to stop the delay and start today so you can ensure a more energetic productive tomorrow!

I found a great website with great tips on healthy eating and exercises.  Although it focuses on how to lose arm fat, it still has some great content for you to check it out.  I really like how it really encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some good exercise videos I found to be the most effective way to shape your body in the most quickest way possible.